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Editorial Preface

Contents of Number 1


Modeling and Optimization for Disassembly Planning

Ahmed Azab,Aiman Ziout, and Waguih ElMaraghy


Jig Design, Assembly Line Design and Work Station Design and Their Effect to Productivity

Adi Saptari, Wong Soon Lai, Mohd. Rizal Salleh


The Effect of Tool Fixturing Quality on the Design of Condition Monitoring Systems for Detecting Tool Conditions

Jabbar Abbas, Amin Al-Habaibeh, Daizhong Su


Static and Dynamic Analysis of Hydrodynamic Four-lobe Journal Bearing with Couple Stress Lubricants

Boualem Chetti


 Thermal Analysis of Discrete Water supply in Domestic Hot Water Storage Tank

 N. Beithou, M. Abu Hilal, I. Abu-Alshaikh


Synthesis of Hard Coatings and Nano Modification with Ion Implantation

Branko Skoric, Damir Kakas , and Aleksandar Miletic


 Dynamic Analysis and Control of Automotive Occupant Restraint Systems

Abdulwahab A. Alnaqi and Ahmet S. Yigit


Comparative Performance and Emission Properties of Spark-Ignition Outboard Engine Powered by Gasoline and LPG

Zuhdi Salhab,  Mohammad G. Qawasmi, Hussein Amro, Mosa Zalloum, Mohammad S. Qawasmi and Nafez Sharawi


Development of an Inertial Measurement Unit for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

Khaled S. Hatamleh, Angel Flores-Abad, Pu Xie, Gerardo Martinez, Brandi Herrera and Ou Ma


Dynamic Modeling and Control of Elastic Beam Fixed on A moving Cart and Carrying Lumped Tip

Fadi A. Ghaith and Mohammad N. Hamdan


Experimental Investigation of the Effect of Hydrogen Blending on the Concentration of Pollutants Emitted From a Four Stroke Diesel Engine

Haroun A. K. Shahad, Nabil Abul Hadi  (Iraq)


Control of Soot Emission from Diesel Engines



Aero/hydrodynamic Study of Speedo LZR, TYR Sayonara and Blueseventy Pointzero3 Swimsuits

Hazim Moria, Harun Chowdhury, Firoz Alam and Aleksandar Subic


Road Test Emissions Using On-board Measuring Method for Light Duty Diesel Vehicles

Jerzy Merkisz, Jacek Pielecha and Ireneusz Pielecha


Fuzzy Logic Control of an Electrical Traction Elevator

Musa O. Abdalla  and Tagreed M. Al-Jarrah


Evaluating Thermal Performance of Solar Cookers under Jordanian Climate

M. Abu-Khader ,  M. Abu Hilal, S. Abdallah,  and  O. Badran



Contents of Number 2


Declination of the Aggregate Energy Intensity of the Jordanian Industrial Sector Between Years 1998 and 2005

A. Al-Ghandoor, I. Al-Hinti


Inverse Design of Impeller Blade of Centrifugal Pump with a Singularity Method

Wen-Guang LI


CFD Simulations of Drag and Separation Flow Around Ellipsoids

Yazan Taamneh


Mhd Heat and Mass Transfer Free Convection Flow Near the Lower Stagnation Point of an Isothermal Cylinder Imbedded in Porous Domain with the Presence of Radiation

Ziya Uddin , Manoj Kumar


A Correlation for the Prediction of Nucleate Pool Boiling Performance of Pure Liquids from Enhanced Tubes

Ali H. Tarrad  


Fabrication and Analysis of Valve-less Micro-pumps

Shireen Al-Hourani , Mohammad N. Hamdan , Ahmad A. Al-Qaisia , “Moh’d Sami” Ashhab


Economic Design of Joint  QUOTE   and R Control ChartsUsing Differential Evolution

Rukmini V. Kasarapu, Vijaya B. Vommi


Main Factors Causing Workers Turnover in Jordan Industrial Sector 

Wisam M. Abu Jadayil


Computer Aided Design Tools in the Development of Surface Micromachined Mechanisms

Mohammad I. Kilani


Exploration Algorithm Technique for Multi-Robot Collaboration

Mohammad Al-Khawaldah ,  Omar Badran   and  Ibrahim Al-Adwan


A Hybrid Power-plant System To Reduce Carbon Emissions

Munzer S. Y. Ebaid , Mohamad Y. Mustafa    


Decision Making Using Multiple Rates of Return: An Alternative Approach

Ahmad Jaradat ,  Khaldoun K. Tahboubb




Contents of Number 3


Formation of Machine Cells/ Part Families in Cellular Manufacturing Systems Using an ART-Modified Single Linkage Clustering Approach – A Comparative Study

M. Murugan, V. Selladurai


Energy Conservation Using a Double-effect Absorption Cycle Driven by Solar Energy and Fossil Fuel

A. Ababneh


Characteristics of Transient Behavior of Gas Flow in Microchannels

M. Ashhab, A. Muhtaseb


Computer–Aided Maintenance Planning System for Industrial Companies

A. Mukattas, R. H. Fouad, H. Kitan, and M. Samhouri


Performance of Pre-heated Cottonseed Oil and Diesel Fuel Blends in a Compression Ignition Engine

M. Martin, D. Prithviraj  


Reasons behind Energy Changes of the Jordanian Industrial Sector

Y. Abdallat, A. Al-Ghandoor, I. Al-Hinti


Salt Fog Corrosion Behavior of Nanostructured TiAlN and AlCrN Hard Coatings on ASTM-SA213-T-22 Boiler Steel

V. Chawla, D. Puri, S. Prakash, B. Sidhu/font>


A Two-stage Artifitial Neural Network Model to Predict the Shrinkage of a Polystyrene Matrix Reinforced with Silica Sand and Cement 

I. Jalham


Performance Analysis and Behaviour Characteristics of CVD (Semi Active) in Quarter Car Model

K. Kamalakannan, A. ElayaPerumal, S. Mangalaramanan, K. Arunachalam


Drag Reduction in a Wing Model Using a Bird Feather Like Winglet

A. Hossain, A. Rahman, J. Hossen, P. Iqba, N. Shaari., G. K Sivaraj


Design of Photovoltaic Water Pumping System and Compare it with Diesel Powered Pump



Energy and Exergy Use in the Utility Sector of Jordan during 2007-2010

A. Al-Ghandoor, J.O. Jaber, I. Al-Hinti


Contents of Number 4


Conceptual Design of a Single DOF Human-Like Eight-Bar Leg Mechanism

O. Al-Araidah, W. Batayneh, T. Darabseh, S. M. BaniHani


A Diverse Neural Network Ensemble Team for Mean Shift Detection in X-Bar and CUSUM Control Charts

M. A. Barghash


Fatigue Properties under Constant Stress/Variable Stress Amplitude and Coaxing Effect of Acicular Ductile Iron and 42 CrMo4 Steel

A.R. I. Kheder, N. M. Jubeh, E. M. Tahah


Investigation of the Endurance Characteristics of a Compression Ignition Engine runs on Jatropha Biodiesel

A. Shanono, J. Enaburekhan


An Assessment of Maintenance Practices and problems in Jordanian Industries

K. K. Tahboub  


Efficiency of Free Cooling Technique in Air Refrigeration Systems

A.Al-Salaymeh, M.R. Abdelkader


A Comparison Study between Various Fuzzy Clustering Algorithms

K. M. Bataineh, M. Naji, M. Saqer/font>


Machining Characteristics of Multiwall-CNT Reinforced Al/Al-Si Composites using Recurrence Quantification Analysis 

K. V. Gangadharan, K. S. Umashankar, Ravish, V. Desai


Modeling of the MEMS Reactive Ion Etching Process Using Neural Networks

M. Ashhab, N. Talat


Developing a Software to Predict Thermal Comfort of Humans at Work

N. J. Rabadi


An Experiment of Chocolate Softness Measurements Using a New Design Machine

B. A. Al-Helou


Influence of Camera’s Optical Axis Non-perpendicularity on Measurement Accuracy of Twodimensional Digital Image Correlation

A. Hijazi, A. Friedl and C. J. K?hler


Contents of Number 5


Experimental Investigation of Forced Convective Heat Transfer in Rectangular Microchannels

R.Kalaivanan, R.Rathnasamy


The Effect of Alkaline Additives on the Operating Conditions of Kaolinitic Polymerization

Y. A. Mubarak, A. I. Al-Swalkah, F. K. Sweis


The Effect of Thermal Barrier Coatings on Diesel Engine Performance of PZT Loaded Cyanate Modified Epoxy Coated Combustion Chamber

Vijaya Kumar K.R, Sundareswaran V.


Variable Structure Controller Schemes Based on Work and Energy Principle for SIMO Systems

M. Ababneh, A. Al-Jarrah, K. Al-Widyan, S. BaniHani


MHD Heat and Mass Transfer Free Convection Flow near The Lower Stagnation Point of an Isothermal Cylinder Imbedded in Porous Domain with the Presence of Radiation

Ziya Uddin, Manoj Kumari  


Assessment of High Temperatures Sound Transmission Losses and Noise Reduction Factor for a DPF Using a Six-port Acoustic Model

S. M. Fayyad, M. N. Hamdan, S. Abdallah


A Predictive Model for Surface Roughness in Turning Glass Fiber Reinforced Plastics by Carbide Tool (K-20) Using Soft Computing

S. A. Hussain, V. Pandurangadu, K.P. Kumar and V.V. Bharathi/font>


Modeling Stock Market Exchange Prices Using Artificial Neural Network: A Study of Amman Stock Exchange 

S. M. Alhaj Ali, A. A. Abu Hammad, M. S. Samhouri, and A. Al-Ghandoor


Densification and Deformation Behavior of Sintered P/M Zinc-Zinc Oxide Composite during Cold Upsetting

B. Selvam, A. P. Singh


Selection of Temperature Measuring Sensors Using the Analytic Hierarchy Process

T. Al-Hawari, S. Al-Bo'ol, A. Momani


Modeling of Weld Bead Geometry and Shape Relationships in Submerged Arc Welding using Developed Fluxes

Vinod Kumar


Experimental Energy Study for Domestic Hot Water Storage Tanks

N. Beithou, M. Abu Hilal


Contents of Number 6


Finite element analysis for short term O-ring relaxation

Mohammed Diany, Hicham Aissaoui


Exergy Analysis of Ceramic Production in Jordan

Montasir A. Hader, Tariq T. Darabseh, Hussam A. AlOthman


Modeling and Optimization of Wind Turbine Driving Permanent Magnet Synchronous Generator

Mayouf.Messaoud, Rachid.Abdessamed


Four-Port Noise Model for the Diesel Particulate Filters (DPF)

Sayel M. Fayyad, Mohammad N. Hamdan, Suleiman Abu-Ein


Analysis of Face Milling Operation Using Acousto Optic Emission and 3D Surface Topography of Machined Surfaces for In-Process Tool Condition Monitoring

B. Srinivasa Prasad, M.M. Sarcar  


Studying the Effects of Varying the Pouring Rate on the Casting Defects Using Nondestructive Testing Techniques

Wisam M. Abu Jadayil


The Development and Implementation of Lean Manufacturing Techniques in Indian garment Industry

Ravikumar Marudhamuthu, Marimuthu krishnaswamy, Damodaran Moorthy Pillai


Strengthening of Aluminum by SiC, Al2O3 and MgO 

A.R.I. Kheder,G.S. Marahleh, D.M.K. Al-Jamea


Supplier Evaluation Using Fuzzy Analytical Network Process and Fussy TOPSIS

Sarojini Jajimoggala, V.V.S.Kesava Rao, Satyanaraya Beela


On the Deformation Modes of Continuous Bending under Tension Test

A. Hadoush


Heat Transfer and Friction Factor in a Tube Equipped with U-cut Twisted Tape Insert

P. Murugesan, K. Mayilsamy, S. Suresh


Linearization of Nonlinear Dynamical Systems: A Comparative Study

M. Ababneh, M. Salah, K. Alwidyan




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