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JJMIE Volume 6

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Editorial Preface

Contents of Number 1


Verification of New Sampling Methods On Small Scale Free Form Surfaces

Suleiman M. Obeidat, Rami H. Fouad and Nabeel Mandahawi


Noninvasive Transdermal Insulin Delivery Using Piston-Shaped PZT Transducers: In vivo Rabbits Evaluation

Osama M. Al-Bataineh, Khaldon Lweesy, and Luay Fraiwan


Shaking Force and Shaking Moment Balancing of Planar Mechanisms with High Degree of Complexity

P.Nehemiah, B.S.K.Sundara Siva Rao, K.Ramji


Building Medical Devices Maintenance System through Quality Function Deployment

Adnan Al-Bashir, Mohammed Al-Rawashdeh, Rami Al-Hadithi, Ahmed Al-Ghandoor, Mahmoud Barghash


Human Behavioral Aspects of Level Crossing Safety with Special Reference to Indian Railways

 Amit Kumar


Effects of ISO 9001 Certification and KAAE on Performance of Jordanian Firms

Abbas Al-Refaie, Ola Ghnaimat, Ming-Hsien Li


 Influence of Melt Treatments on Dry Sliding Wear Behavior of Hypereutectic Al-15Si-4Cu Cast Alloys

P.V.Chandra Sekhar Rao, A.Satya Devi, K.G.Basava Kumar


Experimental Study of Solar Powered Air Conditioning Unit Using Drop – In Hydro Carbon Mixture to Replace R-22

Anas Farraj, Mohammad Abu Mallouh, Abdul-Rahim Kalendar, Abed Al-Rzaq Al-Shqirat and Mahmoud Hammad


Identification and Analysis of Engine Speed and Noise in In-line Diesel Engine

S.H.Gawande, L.G. Navale, M.R. Nandgaonkar, D.S. Butal, S. Kunamall


Activity-Based Cost Estimation Model for Foundry Systems Producing Steel Castings

Mohammad D. Al-Tahat, Al-Refaie Abbas


Perspectives in Reverse Supply Chain Management(R-SCM): A State of the Art Literature Review

Arvind Jayant, P. Guptaa, S.K.Garg


An Application of Customized Lean Six Sigma to Enhance Productivity at a Paper Manufacturing Company

Nabeel Mandahawi, Rami H. Fouad, Suleiman Obeidat

Contents of Number 2


Prospects and Challenges of Small Hydropower Development in Jordan

J.O. Jaber


Steering Rod Fatigue Test Bench Cam Loading Analysis

Zhong-xing Yang, Yun-fei Mai


Polyvinyl Butyral (PVB) and Ethyl Vinyl Acetate (EVA) as a Binding Material for Laminated Glass

O. Alsaed, I. S. Jalham


A Statistical Analysis of Wind Power Density Based on the Weibull and Ralyeigh models of "Penjwen Region" Sulaimani/ Iraq

S. A. Ahmed, H. O. Mahammed


Analysis of Hoisting Electric Drive Systems in Braking Modes

 K. A. Khandakji


An Experimental Study on the Solubility of a Diesel-Ethanol Blend and on the Performance of a Diesel Engine Fueled with Diesel-Biodiesel - Ethanol Blends

M. Al-Hassan , H. Mujafet and M. Al-Shannag


 Optimal Controller Design Algorithm For Non-Affine in Input Discrete-Time Nonlinear System

A. Al-Tamimi


Costing of the Production and Delivery of Ready-Mix-Concrete

O. Al-Araidah, A. Momani, N. AlBashabsheh, N. Mandahawi, R. H. Fouad


Effect of Direct Extrusion on the Microstructure, Microhardness, Surface Roughness and Mechanical Characteristics of Cu-Zn-Al Shape Memory Alloy, SMA.

S. M. Al-Qawabah


Design Analysis and Modeling of a General Aviation Aircraft

F. H. Darwish, G. M. Atmeh, Z. F. Hasan


A Sharp-Interface Fluid-Structure Interaction Algorithm for Modeling Red Blood Cells

T. D. AlMomani, S. C. Vigmostad and L. A. Alzube


Cooling of Superheated Refrigerants Flowing Inside Mini and Micro Tubes, Study of Heat Transfer and Pressure Drop, CO2 Case Study

A. ALShqirate, M. Hammad and M. Tarawneh



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