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Editorial Preface

Contents of Number 1

Design and Performance Assessment of a Parabolic Trough Collector

Jamil Al Asfar, Osama Ayadi and Ahmed Al Salaymeh

Performance and Combustion Characteristics of a DI Diesel Engine Fueled with Jatropha Methyl Esters and its Blends

Ajay V. Kolhe, R.E.Shelke and S.S.Khandare

Gasification of Solid Waste Biomass

Jamil Al Asfar

A New Method for Calculating Notch Tip Stresses and Strains Based on Neuber Method and ESED Method  under  Multiaxial  Loading

Liu Jianhui, Wang Shengnan, Su Yi

Stress Intensity Factors for Crack Located at an Arbitrary Position in Rotating FGM Disks

Hadi Eskandari

Comparison between Taguchi Method and Response Surface Methodology (RSM) in Modelling CO2 Laser Machining

Sivaraos , K.R.Milkey, A.R.Samsudin, A.K.Dubey and P.Kidd

The Reliability Analysis of Horizontal Vibration of  Elevator Based on Multi-State Fuzzy Bayesian Network

Rui-jun Zhang, Wei-wei Yang and Xiao-wei Wang























Contents of Number 2

Parametric Coordination and Simulation Study on Nonstandard Spur Gears

Qian tang, Xiaofeng Jin, Qiulei Fan


Effect of Asymmetric Branches on Solid Particles Distribution in Central Gas Stations (CGSs)

M. Bakhshesh, E. Goshtasbi Rad1, M. Mehrvar


Reduced Chemical Kinetic Mechanisms: Simulation of Turbulent Non-Premixed CH4-Air Flame

GUESSAB Ahmed, ARIS Abdelkader, Abdelhamid Bounif, Iskander GÖKALP


Formaldehyde Emissions of Gasoline Mixed with Alcohol Fuels and Influence Factors

Hao Chen, Lu Yanga, Penghui Zhanga, Jiang Li, Li-min Geng, Zhi-yi Ma


A  Study of Experimental Temperature Measuring Techniques used in Metal Cutting

Ajay Goyal, Suresh Dhiman, Shailendra Kumar, Rajesh Sharma


Examining Factors that Affect Passenger’s Overall Satisfaction and Loyalty: Evidence from Jordan Airport

Abbas Al-Refaie, Nour Bata, Diana Eteiwi, and Issam Jalham


Developing an ISO27001 Information Security Management System for an Educational Institute: Hashemite University as a Case Study

Awni Itradat, Sari Sultan, Maram Al-Junaidi, Rawa’a Qaffaf, Feda’a Mashal, and Fatima Daas














Contents of Number 3

The Optimization of Thickness and Permeability of Wick Structure with Different Working Fluids of L-Shape Heat Pipe for Electronic Cooling.

Mohamed H.A  Elnaggar.


Numerical Study of the Hydrodynamic Structure of a Water Savonius Rotor in a Test Section

Ibrahim Mabrouki  , Zied Driss , Mohamed Salah Abid

Experimental Investigations on the Electrochemical Machining Characteristics of Monel 400 Alloys and Optimization of Process Parameters

M.Kalaimathi, G.Venkatachalam and M.Sivakumar


Statistical Investigation on Effect of Electroless Coating Parameters on Coating Morphology of Short Basalt Fiber

S. Ezhil Vannan, S. Paul Vizhian



The Performance Study of Alcohol in an Air Gap Ceramic Insulated Diesel Engine with Brass Piston

S Sunil Kumar Reddy , V.Pandurangadu , M.Venkat Rao


Direct Torque Control of Induction Motor Based on Space Vector Modulation Using a Fuzzy Logic Speed Controller

Abdesselem Chikhi

















Contents of Number 4

Evaluation of Loading Pattern Characteristics Influence on VVER 1000 Nuclear Reactor Pressure Vessel Neutron Fluence.

Hasan Abou Faoor, Baida Achkar, Saed Dababneh, Saadou Aldawahra.


B. SiddaRedddy , J. Suresh Kumar, C. EswaraReddy,  K. Vijaya Kumar Reddy

Dynamic Analysis and Design of Steel-Ball Grinding Machines Based on No-Slip Cases

Jingjun Zhang, Guoguang Li, Ruizhen Gao, Bin Yan, Huimin Xue

Optimization of NOx Emission from Soya Biodiesel Fuelled Diesel Engine using Cetane Improver (DTBP)

Patel N. K., Singh R. N.

Finite Element Analysis of Fully Developed Free Convection Flow Heat and Mass Transfer of a MHD / Micropolar Fluid over a Vertical Channel

Bala Siddulu Malga, Naikoti Kishan, V.V Reddy, K. Govardhan

Reliability Modelling of a Computer System with Priority to H/W Repair over Replacement of H/W and Up-gradation of S/W Subject to MOT and MRT

Ashish Kumar , S.C.Malik

Integration of Statistical and Engineering Process Control for Quality Improvement

(A Case Study: Chemical Industry - National Chlorine Industries)

Karim  M. Aljebory, Mohammed Alshebeb

































Contents of Number 5

Synthesis and Characterization of Aluminum Composites Materials Reinforced with TiC Nano-Particles

Malek Ali, Samer Falih.

The Effects of Content and Surface Modification of Filler on the Mechanical Properties of Selective Laser Sintered Polyamide12 Composites

Alkhair A. Mousa

Nonlinear Dynamic Modeling of Double Helical Gear System

Chang Qinglin, Hou Li , Sun Zhijun, Wang Wei, You Yunxia

Automobile Longitudinal Axis Detection Method Based on Image Segmentation and Preliminary Results

Peijiang Chen and Yongjun Min

Performance Comparison of Adaptive Neural Networks and Adaptive Neuro-Fuzzy Inference System in Brain Cancer Classification

Bassam Al-Naami , Mohammed Abu Mallouh, Eman Abdel Hafez

Fabrication and Characterization of Copper-Red Mud Particulate Composites Prepared by Powder Metallurgy Technique

N. Vijaya Sai

Multi-Objective Optimization of Process Parameters for Electrochemical Machining of 6061Al/ 10%Wt Al2O3/ 5%Wt SiC Composite using Hybrid Fuzzy-Artificial Bee Colony Algorithm

Ayyappan Solaiyappan , Kalaimathi Mani , Venkatachalam Gopalan

PSO-Based Neural Network Prediction and its Utilization in GMAW Process

Pathiyasseril Sreeraj, Thangavel Kannan, Subhasis Maji

































Contents of Number 6

Modeling of Creep Behavior for Graphene Filled Vinyl Ester Nano-Composites

Ahmad Almagableh, P. Raju Mantena , Ahmed S. Awwad , Mahmoudd Rababah

Sliding Wear Response of an Aluminium Metal Matrix Composite: Effect of Solid Lubricant Particle Size

Gajendra Dixit , Mohammad Mohsin Khan  

On Phase Equilibria of Sn-Sr and Mn-Sn-Sr Systems

Mohammad Aljarrah, Atef Alkhazali, Suleiman Obeidat, Ahmad Almagableh, and Mahmoud Rababah

Design, Construction and Evaluation of Chrysanthemum Flower Stem Cleaner Machine

Seyed Habib Hashemi Fard Dehkordi, Parvin Jafarhassani Hanjani, Golam Reza Chegini


Fixture Designers Guidance: A Review of Recent Advanced Approaches

Heidar Hashemi , Awaluddin Mohamed Shaharoun, Izman S

Optimization Studies on Thrust Force and Torque during Drilling of Natural Fiber Reinforced Sandwich Composites

Rajamanickam Vinayagamoorthy, Nagamalai Rajeswari,  Balasubramanian Karuppiah

Statistical Model for Surface Roughness in Hard Turning of AISI D3 Steel

Varaprasad Bhemuni, Srinivasa Rao Chalamalasetti

Melting Heat Transfer in Boundary Layer Stagnation Point Flow of MHD Micro - polar Fluid towards a Stretching / Shrinking Surface

Khilap Singh , Manoj Kumar

Fuzzy Rules Extraction Based on Deterministic Data (Case Study: Bank's Customers Rating)

Ramin Sadeghian, Behnam Gholamaliei, Leila Payandeh Peyman


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