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Editorial Preface

Contents of Number 1

Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technologies for Sustainable Future

Ibrahim Dincer

Temperature Dependence of Dynamic Modulus and Damping in Continuous Fiber- Reinforced Al-(alloy) Matrix Composites at Elevated Temperatures

Ramadan J. Mustafa

Novel Thermal Resistance Network Analysis of Heat Sink with Embedded Heat Pipes

Jung-Chang Wang

Future Policies and Strategies for Oil Shale Development in Jordan

Jamel O. Jaber, Thomas A. Sladek, Scott Mernitz

Selection of Metal Casting Processes; A Fuzzy Approach

Kasim M. Daws, Zouhair I. AL-Dawood, Sadiq H. AL-Kabi

An Application of Finite Element Method and Design of Experiments in the Optimization of Sheet Metal Blanking Process

Emad Al-Momani, Ibrahim Rawabdeh

Expected Delays in Completing Projects under Uncertainty

Ahmed Farouk Abdul Moneim


Contents of Number 2

Efficiency of Atkinson Engine at Maximum Power Density using Temperature Dependent Specific Heats

A. Al-Sarkhi, B. Akash, E. Abu-Nada, and I. Al-Hinti

Evaluating and Benchmarking Non-Governmental Training Programs: An Analytic Hierarchy Approach

Salah R. Agha

A Study On The Performance Of Hydromagnetic Squeeze Film Between Two Conducting Truncated Conical Plates

P. A. Vadher, G. M. Deheri, and R. M. Patel

Effect of Ternary Scandium and Quaternary Zirconium and Titanium Additions on the Tensile and Precipitation Properties of Binary Cast Al-6Mg Alloys

M.S. Kaiser and M.K. Banerjee

Analytical Approximate Solution for Decaying Laminar Swirling Flows within A Narrow Annulus

Ali M. Jawarneh, Georgios H. Vatistas, and Amer Ababneh

Preparation and Characterization of Copper and/or Cerium Catalysts Supported on Alumina or Ceria

Adel Alouche

Experimental Investigation of Pongamia, Jatropha and Neem Methyl Esters as Biodiesel on C.I. Engine

T. Venkateswara Rao, G. Prabhakar Rao, and K. Hema Chandra Reddy



Contents of Number 3

Agent Based Fuzzy ARTMAP Neural Network For Classifying the Power Plant Performance

Qasim M. Doos, Zouhair Al-Daoud, Suhair M. Al-Thraa



Motion Planning for a Robot Arm by Using Genetic Algorithm

Bahaa Ibraheem Kazem, Ali Ibrahim Mahdi, Ali Talib Oudah



Experimental Investigation of Swirl-Stabilized Syngas Flames by Transverse Fuel Injection

A. Bouziane, A. Olivani, A. Khalfi, F. Cozzi, A.Coghe



Analysis of Longitudinal Aerodynamic Characteristics of an Aircraft Model with and Without Winglet

Altab Hossain, Prithvi Raj Arora, Ataur Rahman, Abdul Aziz Jaafar, A.K.M. Parvez Iqbal




Prediction of Friction Stir Welding Characteristic Using Neural Network

Y. K. Yousif, K. M. Daws, B. I. Kazem




Mathematical Modeling for Pump Controlled System of Hydraulic Drive Unit of Single Bucket Excavator Digging Mechanism

Juma Yousuf Alaydi




Experimental Investigation of Heat Transfer Enhancement in Radiating Pin Fin

Ganesh Murali J., Subrahmanya S. Katte



Contents of Number 4

Improving The Performance of Two Stroke Spark Ignition Engine by Direct Electronic CNG Injection

S. Kumarappa , G.P. Prabhukumar


Fuzzy Genetic Prioritization in Multi-Criteria Decision Problems

Ahmed Farouk Abdul Moneim


Human Error Control in Railways

Amit Kumar, P.K.Sinha


An Investigation into Plastic Pipes as Hot Water Transporters in Domestic and Industrial Applications

M. H. Zgoul  , S. M. Habali


Delineation of Frost Characteristics on Cold Walls by Using a New Formula for Psychrometrics Demarcation Boundary

Ahmed Hamza H. Ali


Optimization of Surface Roughness in End Milling on Mould Aluminium Alloys (AA6061-T6) Using Response Surface Method and Radian Basis Function Network

K.Kadirgama, M.M.Noor, N.M.Zuki.N.M, M.M. Rahman, M.R.M. Rejab, R. Daud, K. A. Abou-El-Hossein


Quota Allocation to Distributors of the Supply Chain under Distributors’ Uncertainty and Demand Uncertainty by Using Fuzzy Goal Programming.

B.Chandra Mohana Reddya, K. Hemachandra  Reddyb , C. Nadha Muni Reddyc K.Vijaya Kumar Reddyd.

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