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Editorial Preface

Contents of Number 1

Integrated Energy and Water Planning on an Arid Island, Case of S. Vicente, Cape Verde
Raquel Segurado, Luís Alves, Neven Duić, Goran Krajačić

Smart Grid Applications in the US: Technical Potential and Regulatory Barriers
Homayoon “Amir” Abtahi

Development of Multistage Converter for Outdoor Thermal Electric Cooling (TEC) Applications
Wael Salah , Soib Taib , Anwar Al-Mofleh

Effect of Pressure and Inlet Velocity on the Adiabatic Flame Temperature of a Methane-Air Flame
Rana Haj Khalil , Ahmad Sakhrieh, Mohammad Hamdan , Jamil Asfar

Incentives for Technology Development and Project Based Mechanisms: Case of Renewable Energy Project
H. Imai, J. Akita, H. Niizawa

Laboratory and Field Scale Bioremediation of Tetrachloroethene (PCE) Contaminated Groundwater
J. Ibbini, S. Santharam, L. C. Davis, L. E. Erickson

Renewable Energy Potential and Characteristics in Jordan
M. Al zou'bi

Study and Control of a Power Electronic Cascade using Photovoltaic Cell-Multilevel Inverter
Dalila Beriber, Abdelaziz Talha, Farid Bouchafaa, Mohamed Seghir Boucherit

The Measurement of Overall Elastic Stiffness and Bulk Modulus in Solar Photovoltaic Devices
Imad Alhayek, Mohamed S. Gaith

Thermodynamic Simulation Modelling of Low-Temperature Geothermal Source Located in Arid-Zone Area North Africa
S. Masheiti, B. Agnew

Solid Waste Landfills as a Source of Green Energy: Case Study of Al Akeeder Landfill
H. Abu Qdais, F. Abdulla and L. Qrenawi

A Novel Dual Effect Soot Filtering System
Saud Aldajah, Yousef Haik and Emad Elnajjar

Characterization of Horizontally Grown Silicon Nanowires in Aluminum Thin Films
Khaleel N. Abushgair, Husam H. Abu-Safe, Hameed A. Naseem, Mahmoud A. EL-Sabagh, Brian L. Rowoen, Avnish K. Srivastava, Samir M. El-Ghazaly

Comparison of Biogas Supply Chains Using the Example of the Conditions of a Municipality
B. Noche, A. Al Mansi, G. De La Torre

A Comparison between the Electrical and Optical Properties of CdS: In Thin Films for Two Doping Ratios
Shadia J. Ikhmayiesa, Riyad N Ahmad-Bitar

Energy Management for Stand Alone PV System
Achour Mahrane, Madjid Chikh, Ahmed Chikouche

Evaluation of Solar Electric Power Technologies in Jordan
Omar Badran, Emad Abdulhadi, Rustum Mamlook

Interference Pigment Coated Solar Cellsfor Use in High Radiant Flux Environments
Faiz Rahman, Kamran Abid , Christoph Schmidt, Gerhard Pfaff , Friedrich Koenig

Development Chances of Distributed Energy Production on Small Scale
S. Alsaqoor, M. AlAjlouni, K. AlQdah, H. Kruczek, E. Pelińska-Olko

Modelling and Optimisation of Wind Energy Systems
A. Benatiallah, L.Kadi, B. Dakyo

New Method for Quality Evaluation of Mc-Si Wafers Implied in the Fabrication of Photovoltaic Cells

Numerical Modeling of Coal Tire-Shred Co-Gasification
Ilham Talab, Zaki Al-Nahari, Rana Qudaih, Isam Janajreh

Performances of Photovoltaic Generator Multi-Level Cascade
Abdelaziz Talha , Dalila Beriber, Mohamed Seghir Boucherit

Power Quality and Stability Improvement in Wind Park System Using STATCOM
V.Suresh Kumar, Ahmed F.Zobaa, R.Dinesh Kannan, K.Kalaiselvi

Solar Net Collective Flux and Conversion Efficiency of the Nickel-Pigmented Aluminium Oxide Selective Absorber Prepared by Alternate and Reverse Periodic Technique in Different Prototype Volumes
A. Wazwaz, J. Salmi, R. Bes

Transient Analysis and Output Characteristics of DC Motors Fed by Photovoltaic Systems
Mohammad S. Widyan, Anas I. Al Tarabsheh, Issa Y. Etier, Rolf E. Hanitsch

Wind-Solar Hybrid Electrical Power Generation in Jordan
Ghassan Halasa

Rapidly Shrinking Dead Sea Urgently Needs Infusion of 0.9 km3/a from Planned Red-Sea Channel: Implication for Renewable Energy and Sustainable Development
Shahrazad Abu Ghazleh, Stephan Kempe, Jens Hartmann, Nils Jansen

Seawater Desalination System Integrated to Single Effect and Double Effect Absorption Heat Transformers

A Study of Fuel Cell Hybrid Auto Rickshaws Using Realistic Urban Drive Cycles
Mohammed Abu Mallouh, Bradley Denman, Brian Surgenor, Brant Peppley


Contents of Number 2


Elaboration of Supervision Process Applied to The Pressurized Nuclear Reactor Using Graphical Approach
Badoud Abd Essalam, Khemliche Mabrouk and Latrèche Samia

Abrasive Wear of Continuous Fibre Reinforced Al And Al-Alloy Metal Matrix Composites
Ramadan J. Mustafa

Analysis of a Modular Housing Production System Using Simulation
Souma Alhaj Ali, Ayman Abu Hammad, Mark Hastak, and Matt Syal

Structural Reliability of Thin Plates with Random Geometrical Imperfections Subjected to Uniform Axial Compression
AV. Raviprakash, A. Adhithya Plato Sidharth, B. Prabu, N. Alagumurthi

In-Production Product Value: A New Method for Part Type Prioritization
Safwan A. Altarazi, Nabeel Mandahawai, Khaled Gharaibah

Computational Modelling for Solid-State Variable-Frequency Induction Motor Drive - II
Saleh A. Al-Jufout, Kamal A. Khandakji

A Development of Technology for Making Porous Metal Foams Castings
A. K. Shaik dawood, S. S. Mohamed Nazirudeen

Experimental Study of Oil Shale and Olive Cake Dust Explosion by Burning Mixtures of Coarse and Fine Particles
A. Sakhrieh , M.A. Hamdan, Y.Abdullat

The Implementation of Total Quality Management (TQM) for The Banking Sector in Jordan
Salman D. Al-Shobaki, Rami H. Fouad , Adnan Al-Bashir

An Effective Approach for Solving The Multi-Response Problem in Taguchi Method
Abbas Al-Refaie, Tai-Hsi Wu, Ming-Hsien Li

Confidence Estimates of Operators’ Group Activity in Man-Machine Systems
R. T. Al-Kasasbeh, F. Ionescou, A. Mukattash, R. Btoush

Improvement in Adhesion Behavior of Aluminum Due to Surfaces Treatment with Arc Discharge
Nabil Anagreh, Amin Al Robaidi


Contents of Number 3


Aldehyde and BTX Emissions from a Light Duty Vehicle Fueled on Gasoline and Ethanol-Gasoline Blend, Operating With a Three-Way Catalytic Converter
Asad Naeem Shah, Ge Yun-shan, Zhao Hong

Simulaton-Based Optimization for Performance Enhancement of Public Departments
Omar Bataineh, Raid Al-Aomar, Ammar Abu-Shakra

Combustion Oscillations Diagnostics in a Gas Turbine Using an Acoustic Emissions
Salem A. Farhat , Mohamed K. Al-Taleb

Theoretical Analyses of Energy Saving in Indirect Contact Evaporative Crystallization by Using Combined Cycle of Vapor Recompression Heat Pump and Throttling Valve
Adnan M. Al-Harahsheh

Studies On X - Control Chart With Pareto In-Control Times for Non Normal Variates
Neelufur , K.Srinivasa Rao, K. Venkata Subbaiah

Strengthening Aluminum Scrap by Alloying With Iron
W. Khraisat, and W. Abu Jadayil

Investigation into the Vibration Characteristics and Stability of a Welded Pipe Conveying Fluid
Nabeel K. Abid Al-Sahib, Adnan N. Jameel, Osamah F. Abdulateef

Reliability Analysis of Car Maintenance Scheduling and Performance
Ghassan M. Tashtoush , Khalid K. Tashtoush, Mutaz A. Al-Muhtaseb, Ahmad T. Mayyas

Dynamic Modeling and Simulation of MSF Desalination Plants
Awad S. Bodalal, Sayed A. Abdul_Mounem, Hamid S. Salama

An Automatic Method for Creating the Profile of Supersonic Convergent-Divergent Nozzle
M. Al-Ajlouni

Simulation and Modeling of Bubble Motion in an Electrolytic Bath of Soderberg Pot
C. Karuppannan, T.Kannadasan

A Mathematical Study for Investigation the Problems of Soft Shells Materials
N. Al-Kloub, M. A. Nawafleh, M. Tarawneh, F. Al-Ghathian

Contents of Number  4

 Dynamic Control Card in a Production System Controlled by Conwip Approach
Paolo Renna

Conceptual Understanding of  Mass and Stiffness Fixed Points of Discrete Vibrational Systems
M. Abu-Hilal, A.R. Touqan
Experimental Investigations of the Effect of Some Insulating Materials on The Compressive Strength, Water Absorption and Thermal Conductivity of Building Bricks.
Ali  M. Othman
Novel Method of Productivity Improvement and Waste Reduction through Recycling of Submerged Arc Welding Slag
Dalgobind Mahto,  Anjani Kumar 
Design and Manufacturng of Self Actuating Traction Drives with Solid and Hollow Rollers 
Wisam M. Abu-Jadayil, Mousa S. Mohsen
Cylindrical Solar Cooker with Automatic Two Axes Sun Tracking System
Essam Abdallah, Mohammed Al_Soud, Ali Akayleh, Salah Abdallah
Mathematical Modeling and Performance Optimization for the Paper Making System of a Paper Plant
Rajiv Khanduja, P. C. Tewari, R.S. Chauhan, Dinesh Kumar
Reduction of Vibration of Industrial Equipments
M. A. Nawafleh, N.Al-Kloub, M. Tarawneh, R. M. Younes
Property Estimation with Automated Ball Indentation Using Artificial Neural Network and Finite Element Simulation
Kamal Sharma, Vivek Bhasin, A. K. Ghosh
Exergoeconomic Analysis for Unit Gt14 of South Tripoli Gas Turbine Power Plant
Giuma M. Fellah, Fathi A. Mgherbi, Saleh M. Aboghres
Total Productive Maintenance Review and Overall Equipment Effectiveness Measurement
Osama Taisir R.Almeanazel
Effect of EGR on Performance and Emission Characteristics of Natural Gas Fueled Diesel Engine
S.K. Mahla, L.M. Das, M.K.G. Babu

 Contents of Number  5

Design, Fabrication and Experimental Study of Heat Transfer Characteristics of a Micro Heat Pipe

R.A. Hossain, M.A.K Chowdhuri, C. M. Feroz

A Comparative Analysis of the Performance of Monocrystalline and Multiycrystalline PV Cells in Semi Arid Climate Conditions: the case of Jordan

M.R. Abdelkader, A. Al-Salaymeh, Z. Al-Hamamre, Firas Sharaf

Numerical Modelling of a Turbocharger Splitter-Vaned Centrifugal Impeller at off-Design Conditions, Part I: Impeller Flow Field

A. Fatsis, A. Panoutsopoulou, N. Vlachakis

Application of the Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP) in Multi-Criteria Analysis of the Selection of Cranes

Doraid Dalalah, Faris  AL-Oqla, Mohammed Hayajneh

 Reduction of Wastages in a Motor Manufacturing Industry

S. P. Vendan, K. Sakthidhasan

 Surface Retorting of Jordanian Oil Shale and Associated CO2 Emissions

Jamal O. Jaber, Taiseer M. Abu-Rahmeh, Aiman Alawin, N. Al-Kloub

Real Time Compensation of Machining Errors for Machine Tools NC Based on Systematic Dispersion


 Ballistisc Impact Fracture Behaviour of Continuous Fibre Reinforced Al-Matrix Composites.

Al-Hamdan Ali, L. Yassin  Nimir , J. Ramadan Mustafa

 Numerical Simulation and Performance Evaluation of Stirling Engine cycle

M. Tarawneh, F. Al-Ghathian, M. A. Nawafleh, and N.Al-Kloub

Investigation of Optimum Fuel Injection Timing of Direct Injection CI Engine Operated on Preheated Karanj-Diesel Blend

Kamal Kishore Khatri, Dilip Sharma, S. L. Soni, Satish Kumar,Deepak Tanwar

 Hydrodynamic Performance Evaluation of an Ellipsoidal Nose for a High Speed under Water Vehicle

K.N.S.Suman, D.Nageswara Rao, H.N.Das, G.Bhanu Kiran

 Design Optimization of Complex Structures Using Metamodels


   Contents of Number  6

Numerical Modelling of a Turbocharger Splitter-Vaned Centrifugal Impeller at off-Design Conditions  Part II: Computation of Forces and Torques

A. Fatsis,  A. Panoutsopoulou, N.Vlachakis

A Fusion Technique Based on Image - Statistical Analysis for Detection of Throat Cancer Types

Adnan Al-Bashir, Bassam Al-Naami

Experiments on Aluminum-Copper Alloys Properties as Solar Absorbers

Abdul Hai Alami

Statistical Process Control Tools: A Practical guide for Jordanian Industrial Organizations

Rami Hikmat Fouad, Adnan Mukattash

Damage Identification of Welded Structures Using Time Series Models and Exponentially Weighted Moving Average Control Charts

P.Srinivasa Rao, Ch.Ratnam

Efficiency of Free Cooling Technique in Air Refrigeration Systems

A. Al-Salaymeh, M.R. Abdelkader

Real Time Prediction of Flank Wear by Neuro Fuzzy Technique in Turning

D. Dinakaran, Sampathkumar, J. Susai Mary

Analysis of Solar Radiation in Jordan

Issa Etier, Anas Al Tarabsheh, and Mohammad Ababneh

Production Inventory Model for Deteriorating Items with On-Hand Inventory and Time Dependent Demand

Sri S. V. Uma Maheswara Rao , K. Srinivasa Rao,  K. Venkata Subbaiah   

Effect of Poisson’s Ratio on the Elastic Strain Concentration Factor of Notched Bars under Static Tension and under Pure Bending.

H. M. Tlilan

Revision of the Recent Heterogeneous Solid Object Modeling Techniques

Wisam Abu Jadayil

  Hot Water Management of DHW Storage Tank: Supply Features

N. Beithou , M. Abu Hilal







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