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Editorial Preface

Contents of Number 1

A Study of the Effects of Machining Parameters on the Surface Roughness in the End-Milling Process

Mohammed T. Hayajneh, Montasser S. Tahat, Joachim Bluhm

Assessment of Power Augmentation from Gas Turbine Power Plants Using Different Inlet Air Cooling Systems

Q.M. Jaber, J.O. Jaber, M.A. Khawaldah

A Fuzzy Monitoring System for an Extrusion Line

Mohanad Alata, Wael Masarweh , Said Kamal

Effect of Water Depth on the Performance Evaluation of Solar Still

Muafag Suleiman K. Tarawneh

A Nonlinear Torsional Dynamic Model of Multi-Mesh Gear Trains Having Flexible Shafts

Ahmad Al-Shhyab, Ahmet Kahraman

A Neural Network Based Real Time Controller for Turning Process

Bahaa Ibraheem Kazem,  Nihad F. H. Zangana

A Graphical Design of An Input-Shaping Controller for Quay-Side Container Cranes with Large Hoisting: Theory and Experiments

Ziyad N. Masoud, Mohammed F. Daqaq


Contents of Number 2

Effects of Condensate and Initial Formation of Thin Frost Layer on Evaporator Coil Performance of Room Air-Conditioners

Ahmed Hamza H. Ali, Ibrahim M. Ismail

Application of Neural Net Modeling and Inverse Control to the Desulphurization of Hot Metal Process

“Moh’d Sami” S. Ashhab

A Computer Based Approach for the Design of the Orifice-Compensated with Feeding Pocket Annular Hydrostatic Thrust Bearings

M. Al-Ajlouni

Prospects of Energy Savings in the Jordanian Plastic Industry

A. Al-Ghandoor, I. Al-Hinti

On Three-Dimensionality of Turbulent Buoyant Channel Flow

Osama A. El-Samni

Strain-Concentration Factor of Notched Cylindrical Austenitic Stainless Steel Bar with Double Slant Circumferential U-Notches Under Static Tension

Hitham M. Tlilan, Ahmad S. Al-Shyyab, Tariq Darabseh, Majima Tamotsu

Viscous and Joule Heating Effects over an Isothermal Cone in Saturated Porous Media

H. M. Duwairi, Osama Abu-Zeid, Rebhi A. Damseh





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