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JJMIE Volume 11

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Editorial Preface

Contents of Number 1

Performance Assessment and Theoretical Simulation of Adsorption Refrigeration System Driven by Flat Plate Solar Collector

Raed Al-Rbaihat , Ahmad Sakhrieh, Jamil Al-Asfar , Ali Alahmer ,Osama Ayadi , Ahmed Al-Salaymeh , Zayed Al_hamamre , Abeer Al-bawwab , Mohammed Hamdan

Surface Hardening by Turning without Chip Formation

Nikolay Zubkov, Victor Poptsov, Sergey Vasiliev

Optimal Scheduling and Sequencing of Operating Room Under Emergency Cases

Abbas Al-Refaie , Mays Judeh , Ming-Hsien Li

Bits Reduction in the Electrodeposition Process of a Pickup Truck: a Case Study

A. R. Nabiilah, Z. Hamedon, M. T. Faiz

Numerical and Theoretical Analysis of a Straight Bevel Gear Made from Orthotropic Materials

Haidar Fadhil AL-Qrimli , Ahmed M. Abdelrhman , Karam S. Khiled

Chemical Reaction Effect on Unsteady MHD Flow Past an Impulsively Started Inclined Plate with Variable Temperature and Mass Diffusion in the Presence of Hall Current

U. S. Rajput  , Gaurav Kumar

Energy Savings in the Jordanian Residential Sector

Hasan Jarad , “Moh’d Sami” Ashhab

Performance and Effective Method of Experimenting Micromixer Using Finished smooth glasses and Cohesive Tape

C. T. Lee, C. C. Lee  , M. L. Liu































Contents of Number 2

A Laboratory Automotive Suspension Test Rig: Design, Implementation and Integration

Mohammad Salah.

Pinning Effect of Pores on Grain Growth in Sintered Steel

Nathir A. Rawashdeh , Walid Khraisat , Henrik Borgstrِm

Buckling Analysis of Nonlocal Embedded Shear Deformable Functionally Graded Piezoelectric Nanoscale Beams

Farzad Ebrahimi , Mohammad Reza Barati

Efficiency Assessment in Emergency Department Using Lean Thinking Approach

Mwafak Shakoor , Wisam Abu Jadayil , Nasser Jaber, Samar Jaber

Manufacturing Flexibility and its Effect on System Performance

Shailendra Kumar  , Ajay Goyal , Ankit Singhal

Assessment of Implementing Jordan's Renewable Energy Plan on the Electricity Grid

Ahmad T. Abu Dyak  , Emad O. Abu-Lehyeh , Suhil Kiwan

Evaluation of the Level of Microaccelerations on-Board of a Small Satellite Caused by a Collision of a Space Debris Particle with a Solar Panel

A.V. Sedelnikov

Critical Success Factors for Soft TQM and Lean Manufacturing Linkage

Amjad Khalili , Md Yusof Ismail , A.N.M.Karim , Mohd Radzi Che Daud 

































Contents of Number3

Potentials and Barriers of Energy Saving in Jordan’s Residential Sector through Thermal Insulation

I. Al-Hinti, H. Al-Sallami

Reduced Filtered Dynamic Model for Joint Friction Estimation of Walking Bipeds

Iyad Hashlamon , Kemalettin Erbatur

Fire Extinguisher Training: Subjective Assessment of a Newly Developed Method by Expert and Novice Firefighters

Awwad J. Dababneh , Manar M. Ajlouni

Nonlinear Natural Frequencies and Frequency Veering of a Beam with an Arbitrary Initial Rise Supported by Flexible Ends and Resting on Elastic Foundation

Mutasim S. Abdeljaber

Experimental Studies the Effect of Flap Peening Process on Aluminum Alloys

K. N. Abushgair

Solar Thermal Hybrid Heating System

Ahmad Al aboushi

A Comparative Study of Single Phase Grid Connected Phase Looked Loop Algorithms

Ashraf Samarah

Optimal Batch Size Considering Partial Outsourcing Plan and Rework

Yuan-Shyi Peter Chiu , Chen-Ju Liu , Ming-Hon Hwang

































Contents of Number4 (Special Issue )




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