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JJMIE Volume 9

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Editorial Preface

Contents of Number 1

The Potential of Using Graphene Nanoplatelets for Electrically Conductive Compression-Molded Plates.

Radwan Dweiri.

Optimization of Coating Parameters on Coating Morphology of Basalt Short Fiber for Preparation of Al/Basalt Metal Matrix Composites Using Genetic Programming

Ezhil Vannan   


A Study on Thermal-Structural Analysis for Shearer Ranging Arm

Chenxu Luo, Zhengtong Han, Ye Yuan, Yuanyuan Chen


Mathematical Models of Material Removal Rate & Power Consumption for Dry Turning of Ferrous Material using Dimensional Analysis in Indian Prospective

Dr. Mangesh R. Phate, Dr.V.H.Tatwawadib

Optimization of CNC Turning for Aluminum Alloy Using Simulated Annealing Method

Shukry H. Aghdeaba,  Laith A. Mohammeda , Alaa M. Ubaid

Perception of Sales Managers, Sales Persons and Customers towards Sales Force Automation Technology in Palestine

Yahya Saleh, Mohammad Omar


























Contents of Number 2

Controlling of Chaos Synchronization.

Mohammad Ababneh.

Hybrid DEBBO Algorithm for Tuning the Parameters of PID Controller Applied to Vehicle Active Suspension System

Kalaivani Rajagopal, Lakshmi Ponnusamy  


Simplified Mathematical Modeling of Temperature Rise in Turning Operation Using MATLAB

Ajay Goyal, Rajesh Kumar Sharma


Estimation of Defect Severity in Rolling Element Bearings using Vibration Signals with Artificial Neural Network

Vana Vital Rao,   Chanamala Ratnam


Corrosion Characteristics of Basalt Short Fiber Reinforced with Al-7075 Metal Matrix Composites

Ezhil Vannan , Paul Vizhian



Sustainable Energy for Water Desalination System Relative to Basra Climate.

Amani J. Majeed , Ghadeer J. Mohammed, Ala’a Abdulrazaq

Computational Modeling of Temperature Field and Heat Transfer Analysis for the Piston of Diesel Engine with and without Air Cavity

Subodh Kumar Sharma, Parveen Kumar Saini, Narendra Kumar Samria


Heatline Visualization of Buoyancy-Driven Flow inside a Nanofluid-Saturated Porous Enclosure

Iman Zahmatkesh


































Contents of Number 3

Five-Axis CNC Grinding of End-Mills with Generic Revolving Profiles.

Mahmoud M. Rababah.

Partial and Total Productivity Measurement Models for Garment Manufacturing Firms

Amare Matebu, Migibar Shibabaw  

A Sustainable Manufacturing Strategy Decision Framework in the Context of Multi-Criteria Decision-Making

Lanndon Ocampo ,  Eppie Clark

Determining the Optimum Tilt Angle for Solar Applications in Northern Jordan

Qais Azzam Khasawneh , Qatada Abdullah Damra, Omaymah Husni Bany Salman

Free Vibration of an Axially Preloaded Laminated Composite Beam Carrying a Spring-Mass-Damper System with a Non-Ideal Support

Majid Ghadiri , Keramat Malekzadeh  , Faramarz Ashenai Ghasemi

Investigation of Sweep Angle Effects on a Submarine Hydrodynamic Drag Using Computational Fluid Dynamics

Mohammad Hadipour, Ebrahim Goshtasbi rad

The Influence of the Addition of 4.5 wt.% of Copper on Wear Properties of Al-12Si Eutectic Alloy

Shivaprasad Channappagoudar , Kiran Aithal , Narendranath Sannayallappa , Vijay Desai  , Pudukottah Gopaliengar Mukunda

A Numerical Study on Deterministic Inventory Model for Deteriorating Items with Selling Price Dependent Demand and Variable Cycle Length.

Prasad Patnaik,VVS. , Durga Prasad Patnaik, Srinivasa Rao K.






























Contents of Number 4

Validation of a Zero-Dimensional Model for Prediction of Engine Performances with FORTRAN and GT-Power Software.

Brahim Menacer and Mostefa Bouchetara.

Numerical Simulation and Nonlinear Stability Analysis of Francis Hydraulic Turbine-Seal Qianqian Wu, Leike Zhang and Zhenyue Ma  

The Effects of a Magnetic Gradient on Lifted Diffusion Flames.

Ibrahim Mabrouki, Mohamed Ali Merghini, Zied Driss and Mohamed Salah Abid

The Effect of the Couple Stress Fluid Flow on MHD Peristaltic Motion with Uniform Porous Medium in the Presence of Slip Effect

Dr. S. Ravi Kumar 

The Effect of Chemical Reaction and Double Stratification on MHD Free Convection in a Micropolar Fluid with Heat Generation and Ohmic Heating

Khilap Singh and Manoj Kumar

Thermodynamic Analysis of R152a and Dimethylether Refrigerant Mixtures in Refrigeration System

Ayyalusamy Baskaran and Koshy Mathews

Effect of 4%wt. Cu Addition on the Mechanical Characteristics and Fatigue Life of Commercially Pure Aluminum

Nabeel Alshabatat and Safwan Al-qawabah

Implementation of Systems Engineering Lifecycle-Tools-Model Framework on Large Industrial Scale

Islam Helaly Afefy, Ahmed Mohamed El-kamash and Nihal Mahmoud El-Sayar.


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