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JJMIE Volume 3

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Editorial Preface

Contents of Number 1

Assessment of Energy and Exergy Efficiencies of Power Generation Sub-Sector in Jordan

A. Al-Ghandoor, J.O. Jaber , I. Al-Hinti

Fuzzy Genetic Approach to Economic Lot – Size Scheduling Problem

V.Durga Prasada Rao, K.Venkata Subbaiah, V.Ramachandra Raju

Effect of Half Length Twisted-Tape Turbulators on Heat Transfer and Pressure Drop Characteristics Inside A Double Pipe U-Bend Heat Exchanger

Anil Singh Yadav

An Intelligent Quality Function Deployment (IQFD) for Manufacturing Process Environment

Kasim M. daws, Zuhair A. Ahmed, Amer A. Moosa

Statistical Modeling for Perception of Images in Stereoscopic Displays

Bassam Al-Naami, Adnan Al-Bashir, “Moh’d Sami” S. Ashhab

Obstacle  Avoidance  and  Travel  Path  Determination in  Facility  Location  Planning

Pranab K Dan

Total Quality Management in the Top Rank of the Dairy Industry in Jordan

Mujbil Al-Marsumi

Automated Maintenance Approach for Industrial Machineries by Soft Computing Techniques at Offline Monitoring Process

Surojit Ghosha, Bijan Sarkar, Subir Sanyal and Jyotirmoy Saha

Electricity Consumption in the Industrial Sector of Jordan: Application of Multivariate Linear Regression and Adaptive Neuro-Fuzzy Techniques

A. Al-Ghandoor, M. Samhouri

A Neuro-Fuzzy Reasoning System for Mobile Robot Navigation

Khaldoun K. Tahboub and Munaf S. N. Al-Din


Contents of Number 2

Development of Multi-Point Micro-Punch: The Effects of Gold Plating on Discharge Time and Punch Surface

Mark Broomfield, Toshihiko Mori, Teruaki Mikuriya, Kazushi Tachibana

Strain-Concentration Factor of Cylindrical Bars with Double Circumferential U-Notches under Static Tension

Hitham M. Tlilan, Ali M. Jawarneh, Ahmad S. Al-Shyyab

Performance, Emission and Combustion of LPG Diesel Dual Fuel Engine using Glow Plug

P.Vijayabalan, G. Nagarajan

Carbonyls Emission Comparison of a Turbocharged Diesel Engine Fuelled with Diesel, Biodiesel, and Biodiesel-Diesel Blend

Asad Naeem Shah, Ge Yun-shan, Tan Jian-wei

Tire Skid Resistance on Contaminated Wet Pavements

 W. R. Tyfour

Performance and Emission of Acetylene-Aspirated Diesel Engine

T.Lakshmanan, G.Nagarajan

Investigation of the Mach Number Effects on Fluid-to-Fluid Interaction in an Unsteady Ejector with a Radial-Flow Diffuser

A.K. Ababneh,C.A. Garris, A.M. Jawarneh, H. Tlilan

Spatial Distribution and Environmental Implications of Lead and Zinc in Urban Soils and Street Dusts Samples in Al-Hashimeyeh Municipality

Kholoud Mashal, Mohammed Al-Qinna, Yahya Ali

Mathematical Model of Inductive Effect on the Multi-motors  Synchronization Systems

Ali. Akayleh,  Samarai .Ahmed, Al-Soud Mohammed

Evaluating the Effects of High Velocity Oxy-Fuel (Hvof) Process Parameters on Wear Resistance of Steel-Shaft Materials

Adnan Al-Bashir, A. K. Abdul Jawwad, Khaleel Abu Shgair

Contents of Number 3

Fuzzy Logic Approach for Metal Casting Selection Process

Kasim M. Daws , Zouhair I. AL-Dawood , Sadiq H. AL-Kabi

Dead Sea Mud Slurry Flow in a Horizontal Pipe

Abdelaziz Khlaifat, Taha Al-Khamis

Japanese Manufacturing Techniques and Practices: An Indian Perspective

Jamal A. Farooquie, Asit B. Mohapatra

Automatic Control of Electrodes in Lithotripsy Machine

J. Al-Nabulsi, H. Amasha, B. Altrabsheh, B. Al-Naami

Comparision of Diesel Engine Performance and Emissions from Neat and Transesterified Cotton Seed Oil

 A.Siva Kumar, D. Maheswar, K. Vijaya Kumar Reddy

Thermal Simulation of a Pyrotechnic Solid-Propellant Gas Generator

Mohammad K. Alkam, P. Barry Butler

The Effect of Fatigue on Crack Propagation in Flat Plates under Buckling Bending and Shear

Fathi A. Al-Shamma

Water Pumping System with PLC and Frequency Control

Akayleh Ali, Mohammed Al_Soud, Essam Abdallah, Salah Addallah

plane Deformation of a Textile Material with Boundary Forces Using Finite Element Method

M. A. Nawafleh, N. Al-Kloub

Modeling and Verification of Double Slope Single Basin Solar Still Using Laboratory and Actual Solar Conditions

K. Kalidasa Murugavel, Kn. K. S. K. Chockalingam, K. Srithar


Contents of Number 4

A Finite Element Calculation of Stress Intensity Factors of Cruciform and Butt Welded Joints for Some Geometrical Parameters

A. M. Al-Mukhtar, S. Henkel , H. Biermann, P.Hübner

 An Intelligent Opportunistic Maintenance (OM) System:  A Genetic Algorithm Approach

M. S. Samhouri, A. Al-Ghandoor, R. H. Fouad, S. M. Alhaj Ali

 Prediction of Surface Roughness in Turning Using Adaptive Neuro-Fuzzy Inference System

B. Sidda Reddy, J. Suresh Kumar,  K. Vijaya Kumar Reddy

 Wavelet Decomposition for the Detection and Diagnosis of Faults in Rolling Element Bearings

J. Chebil, G. Noel, M. Mesbah, M. Deriche

Acoustic Diagnosis Technique for Machine Condition Monitoring

M. A. Nawafleh, N.Al-Kloub

Vibration Analysis of Plates With Spot Welded Stiffeners

S. M. Nacy , N. K. Alsahib, F. F. Mustafa

Optimal Forward Kinematics Modeling of Stewart Manipulator Using Genetic Algorithms

A. Omran, M. Bayoumi, A Kassem, G. El-Bayoumi

 An Intelligent Machine Condition Monitoring System Using Time-Based Analysis: Neuro-Fuzzy Versus Neural Network

M. Samhouri, A. Al-Ghandoor, S. Alhaj Ali, I. Hinti, W. Massad

Effect of Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR) on the Performance and Emission Characteristics of   Diesel Engine with Sunflower Oil Methyl Ester

K. Rajan, K. R. Senthilkumar

The Use of Rational Design in the Development of an Improved Plug Tool for the Rotary Tube Widening Process

S. D. Al-Shobaki, A. K. A. Al-Dahwi, R. H. Fouad





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