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JJMIE Volume 7

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Number 1



Editorial Preface

Contents of Number 1

Performance Study of On-Grid Thin-Film Photovoltaic Solar Station as a Pilot Project for Architectural Use
Bashar K. Hammad, Shaher M. Rababeh, Mohammad A. Al-Abed and Ahmed M. Al-Ghandoor

Hourly Solar Radiation Prediction Based on Nonlinear Autoregressive Exogenous (Narx) Neural Network
Lubna. B. Mohammed, Mohammad. A. Hamdan, Eman A. Abdelhafez And Walid Shaheen

Development of A Bond Graph Control Maximum Power Point Tracker For Photovoltaic: Theoretical And Experimental
BADOUD Abd Essalam and KHEMLICHE Mabrouk

A Comparative Study of PZT-Based & TiNi- Shape Memory Alloy Based MEMS Microactuators
S. D. Nijmeh, M. S. Ashhab and R. F. Khasawneh

Crystallization behavior of iPP/LLDPE blend filled with nano kaolin particles
Amin Al Robaidi , Nabil Anagreh, Mohammed A-l Addous and Sami Massadeh

Studying the Properties of Polymer blends Sheets for Decorative Purposes
Abdullah M. Al-Huneidei and Issam S. Jalham

Investigating the Applicability of EFQM and KAIIAE in Jordanian Healthcare Organizations: A Case Study
Abdallah Abdallah, Ban M. Haddadin, Hiba M. Al-Atiyat, Leen J. Haddad and Samer L. Al-Sharif

Understanding the Linkage between Soft and Hard Total Quality Management: Evidence from Malaysian Manufacturing Industries
Amjad Al-Khalili and Khairanum Subari

Prediction of surface roughness in Electrical Discharge Machining of SKD 11 TOOL steel using Recurrent Elman Networks
R. DAS, M. K Pradhan and C Das



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