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JJMIE Volume 16

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Number 1



Editorial Preface

Contents of Number 1


Modeling and Analysis of Relationship Between Flow Characteristics and Efficiency of Reciprocating Porous Medium Burner

Boxue Zhong, Weihua Li


Automatic Obstacle Avoidance Path Planning Method for Unmanned Ground Vehicle Based on Improved Bee Colony Algorithm

Yan Ren, Jiayong Liu


Interference Suppression Control Method for Aircraft Electromechanical Speed Control System          

Qian Zhang


Gait Control System of Autonomous Mobile Robot Based on PMAC

Guobin Si, Xiaofeng Jin, Chunxia Wang


Optimal Control Method for Side Impact Safety of Vehicle Frame Structure         

Mingming Wu, Xueping Zhang


Dynamic Response Analysis of the Impact Force of Steel Wheel on the Elastic Half-Space

Zhipo Cao, Naixing Liang, Sheng Zeng, Xianshui Gang


Application of Direction Vector Model of Multibody System Dynamics in Sports Posture Positioning

Feng Liu


Theoretical Research of Corn Orientation Device

Liai Pan, Yanli Wu


Parallel Computing-Based Dynamics Model for Tracking Moving Targets

Yugang Cui


Coordinated Gait Control of Snake Like Robot Based on Electromechanical Tracking

Jianwei Guo, Yongbo Lv, Han Zhang


Trajectory Tracking Control Algorithm of Six Degrees of Freedom Industrial Robot

Zhenhua Meng


Design of Multi Joint Integrated Control System for Non Driven Robot

Qian Zhang


Temperature Field and Stress Field Distribution of Forged Steel Brake Disc for High Speed Train

Ruoqi Suo, Xiaoling Shi


Mechanical Parts Pose Detection System Based on ORB Key Frame Matching Algorithm

Chun Liang


Design of Visual Monitoring Software for Micro-Drive Debugging in Electromechanical System

Qian Wang, Yuqing Zhao, Hongjun Shi


Design of Quantitative Risk Assessment System for Ship Longitudinal Motion Based on Analytic Hierarchy Process

Lixiao Jia, Jiantao Wang, Lejun Rui, Jing Chu


Multi-Layer and Multi-Channel Welding Trajectory Control Method of Welding Robot

Baiyang Zhao

































































































































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