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Editorial Preface

Contents of Number 1


Modeling and Analysis of Relationship Between Flow Characteristics and Efficiency of Reciprocating Porous Medium Burner

Boxue Zhong, Weihua Li


Automatic Obstacle Avoidance Path Planning Method for Unmanned Ground Vehicle Based on Improved Bee Colony Algorithm

Yan Ren, Jiayong Liu


Interference Suppression Control Method for Aircraft Electromechanical Speed Control System          

Qian Zhang


Gait Control System of Autonomous Mobile Robot Based on PMAC

Guobin Si, Xiaofeng Jin, Chunxia Wang


Optimal Control Method for Side Impact Safety of Vehicle Frame Structure         

Mingming Wu, Xueping Zhang


Dynamic Response Analysis of the Impact Force of Steel Wheel on the Elastic Half-Space

Zhipo Cao, Naixing Liang, Sheng Zeng, Xianshui Gang


Application of Direction Vector Model of Multibody System Dynamics in Sports Posture Positioning

Feng Liu


Theoretical Research of Corn Orientation Device

Liai Pan, Yanli Wu


Parallel Computing-Based Dynamics Model for Tracking Moving Targets

Yugang Cui


Coordinated Gait Control of Snake Like Robot Based on Electromechanical Tracking

Jianwei Guo, Yongbo Lv, Han Zhang


Trajectory Tracking Control Algorithm of Six Degrees of Freedom Industrial Robot

Zhenhua Meng


Design of Multi Joint Integrated Control System for Non Driven Robot

Qian Zhang


Temperature Field and Stress Field Distribution of Forged Steel Brake Disc for High Speed Train

Ruoqi Suo, Xiaoling Shi


Mechanical Parts Pose Detection System Based on ORB Key Frame Matching Algorithm

Chun Liang


Design of Visual Monitoring Software for Micro-Drive Debugging in Electromechanical System

Qian Wang, Yuqing Zhao, Hongjun Shi


Design of Quantitative Risk Assessment System for Ship Longitudinal Motion Based on Analytic Hierarchy Process

Lixiao Jia, Jiantao Wang, Lejun Rui, Jing Chu


Multi-Layer and Multi-Channel Welding Trajectory Control Method of Welding Robot

Baiyang Zhao


Contents of Number 2



No Actor is an Island: The Role of Partnerships in Sustainable Value Chains

Luai Jraisat, Mohannad Jreissat, Farhana Sajjad, Luciano Batista, Thaana Ghalia

Application of Kansei Engineering and Data Mining for the Eyewear Industry in Jakarta

Yung-Tsan Jou, Ronald Sukwadi, Riana Magdalena Silitong, Roselly

Advanced Multi Criteria Optimal Design of Spiral Bevel Gear Pair using NSGA – II

N. Godwin Raja Ebenezer , S. Ramabalan  , S. Navaneethasanthakumar

An Experimental Investigation of Double Pipe Heat Exchanger Performance and Exergy Analysis Using Air Bubble Injection Technique

Farhan Lafta Rashid, Shaheed Mahdi Talib, Ahmed Kadhim Hussein, ObaiYounis

A Review of the Recent Development in Machining Parameter Optimization

Mohsen Soori , Mohammed Asmael

A New Microchannel Heat Sink Design Using Porous Media Inserts

Hamdi E. Ahmed, Issam M.Ali Aljubury, Ammar A. Farhan, Mohammed Gh. Jehad

Development of Water Conservation Indicators for Office Buildings Using Delphi Method

Sajad Sadi,  Javad Gholami, Mehdi Fereydooni , Shahab Moshari

Analysis of Elastic Stress Wave Propagation in Stepped Bars, Transmission, Reflection, and Interaction: Experimental Investigation

F.Y. Fraige, M.H. Es-Saheb

Modelling and Development of Multisectional Disk Piezoelectric Transducers for Critical Application Systems

Ibrahim M. Aladwan, Constantine Bazilo, Emil Faure

3D Finite Element Method Simulations on the Influence of Tool Helix Angle in Thin-Wall Milling Process

G. Bolar

Flood Risk Map Using a Multi-Criteria Evaluation and Geographic Information System: Wadi Al-Mafraq Zone

Akram AlSukker, Marah Al-Saleem , Morad Etier

Optimal Response of a Quarter Car Vehicle Model with Optimal Skyhook Damper Based on Preview Control

L.V.V. Gopala Rao, Rakesh Chandmal Sharma , V.S.V. Satyanarayana

Effect of Inlet Swirl on Combustion Performance and Soot Formation of a Turbulent Methane-Air Non-Premixed Flame

Tarak Kumar Sahoo, Prakash Ghose

Optimization of Injection Molding Simulation of Bioabsorbable Bone Screw Using Taguchi Method and Particle Swarm Optimization

Azizah Hadny Qurrota Ayun, Joko Triyono, Eko Pujiyanto




Contents of Number 3


Optimizing PM Intervals for Manufacturing Industries Using Delay-time Analysis and MOGA

S.K. Tiwari, R.K. Singh, B. Kumar

The Effect of Acrylic Reinforcement with Different Types of Composite Material on the Impact Energy

Raed  Naeem  Hwayyin ,  Ahmed Salman Hammood, Azhar Sabah Ameed

Research on Robust Control of Automobile Anti-lock Braking System Based on Road Recognition          

Gengxin Qi, Xiaobin Fan, Shuaiwei Zhu, Xinbo Chen, Pan Wang, Hao Li

An Experimental Investigation of Raw Biogas Combustion in a Small Spark Ignition Engine using Cow Manure in Algeria

Ibrahim Rahmouni, Belkacem Adouane

The Influence of the Layer Orientation on Ultimate Tensile Strength of 3D Printed Poly-lactic Acid         

Hussein Alzyod, Peter Ficzere

Torsional vibration of a Rod Composed of Two Dissimilar Frictionally Welded Parts with and without Crack in a Thermal Environment

Ahmed A. Ahmed, Mohammadtaher M. Saeed Mulapeer

Adaptive Neuro Fuzzy Inference System to Predict the Mechanical Properties of Friction Stir Welded AA7075-T651 Joints

Vaibhav S. Gaikwad, Satish S. Chinchanikar

Proposing Multi-item Replenishment model for an Inventory     Management System of Malaysia’s SMEs

Irfan ur Rahman, Mohd Rizal Salleh, Effendi Mohamad, Rashid Nawaz, Muhamad ArfauzA Rahman

Simultaneous Scheduling of Machines, Tool Transporter and Tools in a Multi Machine Flexible Manufacturing System Without Tool Delay Using Crow Search Algorithm

Padma Lalitha Mareddy , Sivarami Reddy Narapureddy ,Venkata Ramamurthy Dwivedula ,S.V.  Prayagi

Effect of Physical Parameters on the Outlet Temperature of the Shower Cooling Tower

A. Asghari, N. Kordani, A. Hallajisani

Modeling of Natural and Hybrid Ventilation System in the Building of High Heat Gains

Sylwia Wciślik, Katarzyna  Stokowiec

Harvesting Human Being Energy to Charge Smartphone

Elaf J. Majeed , Amani J. Majeed

Performance analysis of solar absorption ice maker driven by parabolic trough collector

Mohamad H. Okour, Hamza Al-Tahaineh, Wael Al-Kouz













































































































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