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JJMIE Volume 14

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Number 1 (Special Issue )



Editorial Preface

Contents of Number 1

Optimization Design and Analysis of Rotary Indexing Mechanism of Tool Magazine in Machining Center

Jun Zhang, Shuli Sun, Hoang Anh Tuan

Online Monitoring and Early Warning Technology of Repeated Multiple Blackouts in Distribution Network Based on Multi-source Information Fusion and Delphi Method

Wensi Cao ,Mingming Xu , Rongze Niu , Qing Wu , Ruirui Xie

Contact Mechanics Analysis and Optimization of Shape Modification of Electric Vehicle Gearbox  

Qingyong Zhang, Yaru Wang, Weiping Lin, Yongjun Luo, Xingjian Wu  

Design of Digital Aerial Photography System for Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Based on Wireless Sensor Network

Rui Wang, Nian-chu Wu, Xin-li Yu

The Application of Closed Hydraulic System of Hoisting Mechanism in Auto Crane

Duwei Nie, Changxing Fu

Monitoring Algorithm for Speed Information of Autonomous Vehicles Based on Magnetoresistive Sensor

Yu Tang

An Adaptive Scheduling Method for Resources in Used Automobile Parts Recycling

Pengfei Ning

Intelligent Remote Monitoring System for Minor Faults of Intelligent Unmanned Vehicle

Jia Tao, Yuchen Jia, Yuan Gao

Review Study of Physical and Mechanical Characteristics on Mixed Soil with Scrap Tire Rubber Particles

Jianguang Bai, Yan Zhang, Shuzheng Wu

Design of Intelligent Obstacle Avoidance System for Fully Automated Unmanned Vehicle Based on Laser Ranging

Chunyuan Li

Distributed Multi-level Inventory Algorithms for Automotive Maintenance Spare Parts Based on Centralized Control Model

Jiangang Li

Design of Path Tracking Control System for UAV Based on Adaptive Preview Method

Yiping Li

Optimization of Clutchless AMT Shift Control Strategy for Electric Vehicles

Jingpu Li, Pengcheng Sheng, Kaikai Shao

Deep Drainage Detection System for Inland Vessels Based on Machine Vision

Hechuang Wang



Regional Coordination Control Method of Rail Transit Signal Based on Unmanned Driver

Yongcheng Wu, Changqiong Yang, Lanlan Huangfu

Unmanned Vehicle Route Tracking Method Based on Video Image Processing

Yiyi Zhu, Na Guo

Acceleration Sensor Abnormality Detection Method for Axle Box of Unmanned Vehicle

Jianhu Gong

Driving Pattern Recognition of Hybrid Electric Vehicles Based on Multi-hierarchical Fuzzy Comprehensive Evaluation

Qingyong Zhang, Zhenfei Lu, Yaru Wang, Weiping Lin

Vibration Fatigue Analysis and Optimization Design of a Light-truck Urea Box Bracket

Zhenqi Yu, Huifang Jia , Xingyuan Huang

Application of Improved Particle Swarm Optimization in Gear Fault Diagnosis of Automobile Transmission

Aibing Wang, Jianwei Liang, Yapeng Liu

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