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2023, Vol.17 Number 4


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Design of Indoor-Outdoor mobility wheelchair for low resourced settings

Harshul Brahmbhatt


Empirical Analysis of Multiwalled Carbon Nanotube Deposition for Enhancing Mechanical and Tribological Characteristics in Aluminium-Based Metal Matrix Composites

Vikram K Vasu, Umashankar K S, Vijay Kumar S


Prediction of Springback using the Machine Learning Technique in high-tensile strength sheet metal during the V-Bending Process  

Muhammad Wasif ,Mahmoud Rababah, Anis Fatima, Saad Ur Rehman Baig


Application of Taguchi Method and Response Surface Methodology on Machining Parameters of Al MMCs 6063-TiO2

Hany Mohamed Abdu, Sayed M. Tahaa, A.Wazeer, A.M.Abd El-Mageed, Moustafa M. Mahmoud



Analysis of Fatigue Life and Crack Growth in Austenitic Stainless Steel AISI 304l             




Innovative Approaches for Automated Seat Belt Compliance Detection

Luan Mulaku, Fatmir Azemi



Applying Image Processing to Implement Optimization Approaches

Luan Mulaku, Fitim Zeqiri



Optimal Model Reference Lead Compensator Design for Electric Vehicle Speed Control Using Zebra Optimization Technique

Ali H. Mhmood, Bashra Kadhim Oleiwi, Amer B. Rakan



Parametric Study of Inspecting Surface Defects in Investment Casting

Nabhan Yousef , Amit Sata



Isothermal Drying Kinetic of Sengon Wood (Paraserianthes Falcataria) Using Combined Infrared and Hotair: Experimental and Modeling Study

Yefri Chan, Dwi Aries Himawanto, Budi Kristiawan, Indri Yaningsih



Assessment of Retrofitting Old Residential Buildings in Urban Districts: Expected Performance of Selected Energy Efficiency Measures

Jamal O. Jaber



A Method for Analyzing the Impact Characteristics of Elliptic Gears Based on Finite Element

Changbin Dong, Xudong Yang, Yongping Liu



Performance Study of a Hybrid Solar-Assisted Ground-Source Heat Pump System Used for Building Heating and Hot Water Demands

Ahleme Berkane, Mounir Aksas , Zeroual. Aouachria



Experimental Study of the Effect of Swirl Number and Bluff Body Size on the Stability Map of Premixed LPG Flames in a Tangential Swirl Burner

Abdulrahman Shakir Mahmood, Fouad Alwan Saleh



Measurement and Assessment of Solar Energy in Zarqa Governorate Jordan

Ali M. Jawarneh, Ahmad K. AL-Migdady, Amer K. Ababneh, Hitham M. Tlilan, Mohammad Tarwaneh



Thermal Evaluation of Material Extrusion Process Parameters and Their Impact on Warping Deformation

Hussein Alzyod, Peter Ficzere



Parametric Study and Optimization of Inconel 625 Processing by ANN and Desirability Function Approach During Graphite Mixed EDM

Sovan Bhowmick, Binod Barai, Debismita Naik, Subhasish Sarkar, Nisantika Biswas, Swapan Kumar Maity, Gautam Majumdar



Thermal Behaviour of Epoxy Composites Filled with Micro-sized LD Slag Particulates

PriyankLohiya, Alka Bani Agrawal, Alok Agrawal, Abhishek Kumar Jain



Evaluating Material Alternatives for low cost Robotic Wheelchair Chassis: A Combined CRITIC, EDAS, and COPRAS Framework

Sushil Kumar Sahoo , Bibhuti Bhusan Choudhury





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