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JJMIE Volume 18 > Issue 1

Contents of Number 1

Stock Detection of Iron and Steel Products with Image Processing and SDSS Decision Support System

İsmail Burak AKINCI, Filiz ERSOZ, Semra BORAN




A novel magnetohydrodynamic power generation system using low-temperature liquid metal coupled with a rectangular single-phase natural circulation loop

G. M. Tashtoush, T. K.  Aldoss, A. O. Al-Jabaly




A Two-Way Fluid-Structure Interaction Approach to Investigate Hemodynamics and Mechanical Behavior of Cerebral Aneurysm: A Computational Study

Haneen Qirba, Saud Khashan, Tariq Darabseh




Cost and Benefit Analysis of Newly Installed Digital Printing Department by Using System Dynamics Modeling Technique

Muhammad Ahmed Kalwar, Muhammad Ali Khan, Muzamil Hussain Wadho, Masroor Ahmed Panhwar, Zafar Ali Kalwar




Container Terminal Performance: System Dynamic Approach with Port Capacity Constraints and ESG Integration

Fajar Kurniawan, Siti Nurmaya Musa, Bambang Nurfauzi, RendiyatnaFerdian, Fauzi Khair




Design, Study, and Comparison of a New Axial Fan Using the Fibonacci Spiral and a Classic Axial Fan

Harry Aarón Yapu Maldonado




Identification of Nonlinear System for Elastically Supported Cylinder on Cross-Flow Using Wavelet Transform

SubektiSubekti, HarusLaksanaGuntur, Vivien S. Djanali, AchmadSyaifudin




Synergistic Enhancement of Sunflower Lubricant Incorporated Anti-Wear Eichhornia Crassipes and Tertiary-Butyl-Hydroquinone (TBHQ) Additives

Anthony Chukwunonso Opia, MohdFadzli Bin Abdollah, Hilmi Amiruddin, Mohd Kameil Abdul Hamid, IbhamVeza, Fazila Binti Mohd Zawawi




Assessing the impact of Lean manufacturing on the Social Sustainability through Structural Equation Modeling and System Dynamics

José Roberto Díaz-Reza, Jorge Luis García-Alcaraz, Cuauhtémoc Sánchez-Ramírez, Arturo Realyvásquez Vargas




Investigation of the Effect of the Surface Treatment and Lubrication During Repeated Tightening on the Nut Coefficient of a Bolted Joint Using the Taguchi Method

Talal Alsardia, Dr. László Lovas




Study on Strontium and Sodium Modification Elements on Microstructure, Mechanical, Wear and Fracture Behavior of Al7075 Alloy by Taguchi Technique

Ravikumar M, Hanumanthe Gowda, Vijay Kumar S, Reddappa H N, Suresh R




A Suggested Approach for Maintenance Performance Framework: An Aircraft Maintenance Organization as a case study

Issam S. Jalham, Iyadeh T. AL- Masarweh




Investigation of the Effect of Changing Water Heights on the Performance of a Solar Distillation System Using Crushed Porous Coal Rocks

Sarmad A. Abdul Hussein, Nasr A. Jabbar




Mathematical Modeling Using ANN Based on k-fold Cross Validation Approach and MOAHA Multi-Objective Optimization Algorithm During Turning of Polyoxymethylene POM-C

Tallal Hakmi, Amine Hamdi, Aissa Laouissi, Hammoudi Abderazek, Salim Chihaoui, Mohamed Athmane Yallese




A Study on the Fuel Consumption Demands of the Jordanian Residential Sector

Mohammad A. Gharaibeh, Rami Al-Jarrah, Ayman Alkhatatbeh




Investigating Artificial Intelligence and Modern Technologies Enhancement in Stone and Marble Cutting in Palestine

Ahmed Abu Hanieh, Afif Akel Hasan, Sadiq AbdElall, Mohammed Alhanjouri




Towards Condition Monitoring: Fabrication and Finite Element Analysis of A Helical Gear Transmission Rig for Fault Simulation

Ahmed Salman Hammood




Numerical Investigation of Fuel Pulsatile Flow Through Wavy Channel

Ameer K. Salho, Hameed K. Hamzah, Ahmed M. Hassan, Farooq H. Ali, Qusay Rasheed Al-Amir




Lean Production Principle for Improving Productivity: Empirical Case Study in Garment Industry in Ethiopia

Tsegay TesfayMEZGEBE, GebremeskelKahsayGEBREMARIAM