Jordan Journal of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering

2023, Vol.17 Number 3


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Fabrication of Al-6061/SiC Nano Composite Material Through Ultrasonic Cavitation Technique and Its Analysis

Abdul Kalam Azad, Mohamed Fayas Saffiudeen, Abdullah Syed, Fasil T. Mohammed



Modification of CNC Machine Tool Operations and Structures Using Finite Element Methods: A Review

Mohsen Soori, BehroozArezoo



Analysis of the Effect of Thermal Expansion of Metals on the Stability of the Metal Cutting Process

Victor P. Lapshin



The Effect of Multi-Walled Carbon Nanotubes on the Mechanical Properties of Composite Material Carbon Fibers/Polyester Used in Ships Hulls

Azhar Sabah Ameed, Raed  Naeem  Hwayyin, Abbas Khammas Hussien



Classifying Cutout Shapes and Predicting Cutout Location using Regression and Classification Techniques            

Ufuk Demircioğlu



A Comparative Analysis of Flexible Polymer-Based Poly(vinylidene) Fluoride (PVDF) Films for Pressure Sensing Applications

S. Jeyanthi, D.M. Nivedhitha, Senthil Muthu Kumar Thiagamani,Mohamed Ansari Mohamed Nainar, A.S. Viswapriyan, S. Guru Nishaanth, S. Manoranjith



Lubricity Performance Evaluation of Organic Polymer as Additives Invegetable Oil Understeel Materials

Anthony Chukwunonso Opia, Mohd Fadzli Bin Abdollah, Charles Johnson, SamionSyahrullail, Fazila Binti Mohd Zawawi



Multi-objective Optimization of CNC Milling Parameters of 7075 Aluminium Alloy Using Response Surface Methodology

Cong Chi Tran,  Van Tuan Luu, Van Tuu Nguyen,  Van Tung Tran , Van Tuong Tran, Huy Dai Vu



Prediction of the Tensile Strength of an Experimental Design Reinforce Polyvinyl Chloride Composite using Response Surface Methodology

Ejiroghene Kelly Orhorhoro, Earl Ufuoma Emifoniye, Silas Oseme Okuma



Simulation-Design and Performance Analysis of a Small-Scale Concentrating Solar Parabolic Dish System for Hot Water Generation

Hamza Al Tahaineh, Walaa Hassan



Evaluation of the Impact of Surface Treatment on the Turbine Blade Performance

Shaymaa Abdul Khader Al-Jumaili, Malik N.Hawas, Hussein Al-Gburi



Vibration Feature Extraction and Artificial Neural Network-based Approach for Balancing a Multi-disc Rotor System

Ihsan A. Baqer, WafaAbd Soud



Optimization of Pyrolysis and Selected Physicochemical Properties of Groundnut Shells, Coffee and Rice Husks for Biochar Production

John Chrysostom Opedun, William Wanasolo, Aldo Okullo Apita, Timothy Omara



Position Control of Active Magnetic Bearing (AMB) Using Luenberger-like Observer Based Backstepping Control

Jihad S. Radaideh






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