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2023, Vol.17 Number 2


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CFD Simulation of Energy Transfer within a Membrane Heat Exchanger under Turbulent Flow

Shuruq Shawish , Diala Bani Mostafa, Rafat Al-Waked, Mohammad S. Nasif


Performance Modeling and Estimation of Serial System Exhibiting k-out-of-n: G Scheme with Controller Failure

Hamisu Ismail Ayagi, Zhong  Wan, Ibrahim Yusuf, Abdullah Sanusi, Mus’abu Musa


MHD Flow Along a Vertical Plate with Heat and Mass Transfer under Ramped Plate Temperature            

Mohammad Shareef


Application of Hybrid Fuzzy Technique for Damage Estimation in Structural Member

Sasmita Sahu, Shakti P. Jena


Thermal performance analysis of heat transfer in pipe by using metal foam           

Raad Mohammed Kadhim Ali, Sajida Lafta Ghashim


Improving the COPRAS Multicriteria Group Decision-Making Method for Selecting a Sustainable Supplier Using Intuitionistic and Fuzzy Type 2 Sets

MassoumehAzizi Nafteh, Mahmoud Shahrokhi


On the Morphological and Tribological Characterization of Green Automotive Brake Pads Developed from Waste Thais Coronata Seashells

E.O. Ekpruke, C.V. Ossia, A. Big-Alabo


The Effect of Alloying, Processing and Heat Treatment on the Wear Resistance of Al-Cu-Mg-Ag Alloys

Abdallah Abdelkawy , E.A. El-Danaf , Abdulhakim Almajid


Effect of Dynamic Swiveling Torque and Eccentricity on the Design of Compensator Cylinders for a Variable Displacement Axial Piston Pump–Modelling & Simulation

Ishita De , Subhasish Sarkar, Shouvik Chaudhuri, Nitesh Mondal, Niraj Kumar


Mechanical Behaviour Assessment of Banana Fibres Reinforced Polymeric Composite with Aluminium-Powder Filler

Robson Balcha, Bhaskaran J, Perumalla Janaki Ramulu, Belay Brehane Tesfamariam


Behaviour and Some Properties of Wood Plastic Composite Made from Recycled Polypropylene and Rubberwood

A.A. Abdul Rahman, O.J. Adeboye, A. Adebayo, M.R. Salleh


Investigation on Mechanical and Morphological Characteristics of Ramie/Silk with Epoxy Hybrid Composite of Filler OMMT Nanoclay

Sadashiva. K, K.M. Purushothama


Detecting Technique of COVID-19 Via an Optimized Piezoelectric Sensor

Muath A. Bani-Hani, Mohamed A. Al-Moghazy, Wael A. Altabey, Mohamed Hakam, Sallam. A. Kouritem


Selecting the Best Material for Hydrogen Storage Using the Analytical Hierarchical Process

Bashar Al-Shalabi , Mohammed Almomani , Mariam Abu-Awwad , Musa Al-Ajlouni





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