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JJMIE Volume 17 > Issue 1

Contents of Number 1

Prediction of Springback Behavior of Vee Bending Process of AA5052 Aluminum Alloy Sheets Using Machine Learning

Mohammed Asmael, OtonyeTekena Fubara, Tauqir Nasir

A System Dynamics Costing Model for The Refurbishment of Electric Vehicle Batteries

Waleed Ahmed Shaikh, Muhammad Ahmed Kalwar, Muhammad Ali Khan, Asif Nawaz Wassan, Muzamil Hussain Wadho, Muhammad Faisal Shahzad

Applying a Data Analytics Approach to Medical Equipment Maintenance Management to Improve the Mean Time Between Failure and Availability

Mohammad D. AL-Tahat, Farah Al-Rifa’e

An analysis of the Performance and Economic Feasibility of a Hybrid Solar Cooling System that Combines an Ejector with Vapor Compression Cycles, Powered by a Photovoltaic Thermal (PV/T) Unit

Ghassan M. Tashtoush, Mohammad A. Alzoubi

Weibull Integrated AHP for The Selection of Natural Fiber Composites Material

Nasr Bekraoui , Zakaria El Qoubaa, Elhachmi Essadiqi

Impact of Internal Wall Barriers on Airflow Pattern in Natural Cross-Ventilation of the Common Houses in Bhubaneswar City, India

Soma Kalia, Nibedita Mishra, Prakash Ghose

Implementation of a Model for Predicting the Size Distribution of Coal Particles in a Horizontal Fluid Pipeline

Martins Obaseki, Paul T. Elijah, Peter B .Alfred, Silas Oseme Okuma

Chemically Reactive Nanofluid Flowing across Horizontal Cylinder

Rebhi A. Damseh

Green and Sustainable Supply Chain Management: A Comparative Literature Review


Dynamic Modeling of the Dog Clutch Engagement Process Using Hybrid Automata

Ayham Aljawabrah, Laszlo Lovas